Welcome to the HR Compliance Notebook!

Employment- and HR-related regulatory compliance is complicated, confusing, and even overwhelming. That statement is not only a fact for a vast majority of business owners and managers (and even HR professionals), it is the reason my consulting firm–HR Compliance Experts–exists.

Another fact: failing to comply with any of the seemingly countless, and sometimes obscure local, state, and federal employment laws and regulations applicable to your business could result in employee complaints, audits by government agencies, lawsuits, fines, penalties, back wages, legal fees, negative publicity, and so much more. It won’t matter that you didn’t know about the regulations or that you had to comply; that the rules are outdated and difficult to follow; or that everyone thinks the requirements are unnecessary, inconvenient, or provide protections to the employees that they don’t necessarily want.

Running a business is more complex than ever before and employment-related regulatory compliance gets more difficult every day.  It’s my goal to make the HR Compliance Notebook a place you can turn for information and, from time-to-time, a little humor.  Because, through it all, I believe it is vital to never lose your sense of humor.

As I’ve become very fond of saying, “when you only have one chance to get it right, you need HR Compliance Experts.”  Let’s discuss how we can work together to ensure you get HR compliance right.  Send me an email, frank@hrcexperts.com, or call me at 585-416-0751.

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