Fridays with Frank – Aug 30, 2019

Happy Friday!

As my time away with family winds down, I’ve been thinking about the importance of staying connected.  Not just with the family and friends I call or text daily, but with other friends I truly value.  So, I’ve been making a conscious effort to reach out to one or two of those special people each day, and it’s been fantastic.  Over the Labor Day weekend, I challenge you to call or send a quick text to someone you value but don’t connect with often enough.  I guarantee it will make you both happy.

As a special Labor Day treat, I’ve selected reading materials that pair well with a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or your favorite adult beverage–mine is pictured above! So, grab a drink, relax, and enjoy your long weekend!

The Current I-9 Form Expires Tomorrow, Now What?   Yes, that’s correct, the current I-9 form expires 08/31/2019 (did you notice I used the proper date format?).  However, as many of us expected, the new version of the I-9 hasn’t been issued.  Amazing how the I-9 expiration date seems to sneak up on USCIS every time!  Also as expected, USCIS announced that employers should continue using Form I-9 with the 08/31/2019 expiration date “until further notice.”

What to Expect from the Next DOLSecretary   It’s official.  As I mentioned in a previous Fridays with Frank post, Eugene (Gene) Scalia—son of the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia—has been officially nominated by President Trump to be the next Secretary of Labor.  This article from Human Resource Executive provides some background, what’s being said about the nominee, and how Scalia is likely to lead the DOL.

Sexist Windshield Wipers?   Here’s one of those, “on which planet did they think this would be acceptable?” moments.  Bosch Automotive posted a Facebook as for windshield wipers…makes sense so far, right?  Unfortunately, the ad showed a woman passing in front of a car’s windshield, with the question, “don’t you wish to see this clearly?”  What’s worse, the post included the line, “the best wiper gives you the best view!”  I’m guessing there will soon be an open position or two in their social media marketing department.

How About Some Tips for Paying Tipped Employees?   Another great article from my friend, and attorney, Janette Levey Frisch (aka the “EmpLAWyerologist“).  This time Janette looks at the complexities of paying tipped employees and, as she often does, uses a recent court case to answer the myriad of questions employers and HR professionals have on the topic.

What Real HR Looks Like   I thought I’d end the week with a funny (as in, I laugh because otherwise I’d be cursing and pulling my hair out) note.  I’m always amazed at the differences between what the outside world thinks HR is all about (firing people, meetings, firing people, going to conferences, firing people, and just for fun, firing more people) and what my peers and I actually face on a daily basis.  In her article, Suzanne Lucas (aka, @RealEvilHRLady) provides some insights (see definition of funny, above) into what happens behind the closed doors of the HR office.

Thanks for joining me, and have a great long weekend and short week ahead!

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