Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources

HR Compliance Experts - Helping Small Employers Manage Through the COVID-19 Crisis  (updated February 8, 2021)

In situations like the COVID-19 crisis, businesses big and small face many of the same issues and decisions. However, that's where the similarities often end.  Without the financial resources, emergency response teams, business continuity and communications plans, and crisis management strategies, small businesses often struggle to manage the crisis while attempting to stay in business. That's where the HR Compliance Experts team can help.

The goals of this page are simple: first, to be a reliable source of COVID-19 information critical to every small business. Secondly, to sort through and explain the confusing new laws, regulations, and mandates that are fraught with legalese, mandates, and complex rules.

Finally, please remember that every member of the HR Compliance Experts team is here to help when you need us. We also hope that you, your employees, and everyone remain healthy and safe.

Frank Cania, president, HR Compliance Experts LLC