DOL Audit Management


Few things are as unsettling as the Department of Labor showing up unannounced for an audit...

Yet based on information from the DOL, and in our experience, that is exactly what happens more times than not. And, when the auditor shows up, they want to see payroll records or employee files, or speak to employees. 

This is nothing new for HR Compliance Experts. We have managed countless DOL audits and spent years developing relationships with the state and federal agencies involved.  We understand what the auditors want to see, which violations they commonly look for, how they conduct the audit, the seriousness and potential penalties associated with various violations, and often, we may already know and have worked with the auditor.

HR Compliance Experts manages the entire process:

  • Contacting the auditor to determine the audit scope, as well as the documentation and other information required;
  • Being present and acting as a single point of contact when the auditor is onsite; and
  • Taking the lead in discussing the audit findings, payments due to employees, penalties, and other points necessary for a fair and equitable solution.

Put our knowledge and experience to work for you the next time a DOL auditor knocks on your door.

For more information on the DOL Audit Management services provided by HR Compliance Experts, contact us at, or call us at 585-380-1566.