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Everything you want to know about HR Compliance Experts' acquisition of Saratoga HR Solutions

I hadn’t heard of HR Compliance Experts (HRCE) before Saratoga Human Resource Solutions (SHRS) was acquired. Are you a new company?

HR Compliance Experts LLC is a well-established and growing human resource consulting firm. From our home base in Pittsford, NY, we support a diverse list of clients throughout NY and several other states, including AZ, CA, FL, GA, IL, MA, ME, NJ, and PA. Learn more about us at

Will I still be working with Jim Marco?

First, we want to recognize Jim for the outstanding work he did with SHRS clients for more than 17 years. We also congratulate him on the next chapter in his professional life. While Jim will be assisting HRCE with the transition, his work will be behind the scenes and not involve direct client contact. All services will be provided by HRCE’s team of experienced and certified HR professionals. Learn more about Frank Cania and the HRCE team at

What other HR support services does HRCE offer?

HRCE offers a robust list of HR support services. In addition to our ongoing HR support options, HRCE offers employee handbooks with regular updates; in-person, live online, and recorded sexual harassment prevention training and other HR trainings; customized HR projects, including comprehensive HR function audits, Form I-9 reviews, job descriptions, performance review programs, employee relations consulting, employee complaint hotline support, and labor law posters with ongoing updates. Learn more about our services at

How are clients updated on changes in employment laws and regulations?

HRCE continually monitors state and federal legislative bodies and regulatory agencies. When new laws pass and regulations change, you'll receive an HRCE Compliance Update email. You'll also want to read Frankly Speaking, a blog by Frank Cania. Frank provides an interesting, often amusing look at important topics. Read previous posts at

What are the costs of HRCE's services?

HRCE customizes its services to meet each client’s specific HR needs.  Once we have an opportunity to discuss your situation and needs, we’ll provide a proposal outlining our recommendations and the associated fees.

Will someone from HRCE contact me after I complete the new client survey?

Yes, a member of the HRCE team will reach out to you within one to three business days after you submit the new client survey. However, you don’t need to wait until we contact you. Feel free to contact us now, or anytime, at, or give us a call at 518-429-0308 or 585-565-3900.

What will happen to the services SHRS was providing my company?

The entire HR Compliance Experts team is dedicated to making your transition as seamless as possible. Rest assured, we aren’t making any immediate changes to SHRS client services. We’re taking the time necessary to evaluate all of the services provided by the combined organization before making any decisions. If you have specific questions about your current HR services, please reach out to us at, or call us at 518-429-0308 or 585-565-3900.

Are HRCE support services the same or similar to services SHRS offered?

HRCE provides many equivalent HR support services, as well as several additional offerings. For example, HRCE offers a number of flexible HR support options – including employee handbooks with regular updates, phone/email/text support, customized HR projects, and even dedicated full-service HR support. Lean more about our flexible HR support services at

Can HRCE help with Mandated Annual Sexual Harassment Prevention Training?

Absolutely! HRCE offers both standard and company-specific harassment prevention training. Clients also have delivery options, including live virtual sessions, in-person presentations, and on-demand/recorded sessions. HRCE will ensure your harassment prevention training meets all applicable local and/or state requirements. Learn more about HRCE Harassment Prevention Training at

Will I have a dedicated HR professional to work with?

What’s better than one dedicated HR professional? Two dedicated HR professionals! You will work with a team of two certified HR professionals – one as a primary contact and the second as a backup – to ensure seamless HR support. Get to know the HRCE team at

How soon can I start working with HRCE?

The HRCE team is ready and available to help you immediately! Take the first step now, click HERE* to complete a brief new client survey. You can also reach out to us at, or call us at 518-429-0308 or 585-565-3900.  

*If clicking on the link does not bring you to the survey, copy and past the following web address in your browser:

What is the best way to contact HRCE?

That's an easy one! You can email the HRCE team at, or feel free to call us at 518-429-0308 or 585-565-3900. One of our certified HR professionals will be happy to help you!