Flexible HR support for every business

HR Compliance Experts provides flexible HR support designed to meet your unique needs. Our team of certified HR professionals has the training and experience necessary to evaluate and understand the issues, provide appropriate guidance and resources, and ensure the solutions reflect HR best practices and compliance with applicable state and federal regulations. With no limits on how often you can contact your trusted HRCE advisors, you’ll always have access to the critical resources, knowledge, and personalized expert HR support you need.

HRCE Primary Plan

HRCE Primary Plan – for employers with limited HR needs and resources, and provides:

  • An employee handbook
  • HR AnswersNow! on-demand HR and compliance support and information
  • Additional services a-la-carte

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HRCE Primary Plus Plan

The Primary Plus Plan - for employers with limited HR knowledge, and includes:

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HRCE Pinnacle Plan

HRCE Pinnacle Plan – perfect for employers with complex HR and regulatory compliance needs, and includes:

  • HRCE Primary Plus Plan
  • Full service, cost effective, HR support team with dedicated hours and on-demand availability
  • Unlimited HR projects

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